Remove scum, moss and lichens with Idroless water repellent and its biocide power

Why back out mildew on the walls and roofs?

Constant contact of a wall, roof or balcony with water causes many times unwanted and annoying scum appears in the buildings. The moss is a green stain which is composed of a mixture of moss, mold and lichen penetrating attacking our walls and roofs. Sometimes the scum is likely to cause paint damage. It can even happeng color changes in the paint when clean mildew stains. But there are other more serious problems caused by moss that is kepeen a wet area, helping the water to enter our walls or roofs, creating annoying and constant humidity.

To eliminate these fungi and lichens necessary, besides the typical cleaning with water and chlorine or bleach, disinfection with fungicides and biocides to eliminate the cause of the problem and the spores that become trapped in the pores of the wall or roof.

IDROLESS has the most effective water repellents for each individual case. Forget about constantly cleaning!