Idroless product catalog

Idroless presents its wide range of products and solutions against humidity in construction sector. It is a catalog with constant renewal focused on continuous innovation.

  • Creamsilan 80-600

    Creamsilan 80-600 End forever the rising dap of any wall with Creamsilan 80-600 gel by Idroless Creamsilan 80-600 gel is a product based on silanes. It is distributed in tubes / cartridges. Each cartridge must be inserted into a closed plunger gun for gel that includes a cannula for the application of the product within […]

  • Stopper Fast Curing

    Stopper Fast Curing Top your humidity repairs with Idroless Stopper Fast Curing mortar This Idroless fast-setting mortar is the ideal complement to top any wall treatment using Creamsilan 80-600. Idroless Stopper Fast Curing mortar will prevent falls and overflow once the holes in the wall have been filled with Creamsilan 80-600. You’ll get a full […]

  • Closed Plunger Gel Applicator – 600 ml

    Closed Plunger Gel Applicator – 600 ml Avoid spills when applying Creamsilan 80-600 gel whit this closed plunger applicator Creamsilan 80-600 is a fairly viscous gel silanes-based presented in tubular bags (like sausages). In order to apply Creamsilan 80-600, a special gun is needed, to prevent product losses during application in the holes. By its […]

  • Cream 150

    Cream 150 Cream 150 prevents water leaks through surfaces Cream 150 is a water repellent product with a pasty consistency. In the event of find moisture problems, apart from mold and mildew stains, Cream 150 by Idroless is the ideal product you need. Cream 150 is a powerful water repellent with biocidal and fungicidal effects. […]

  • Detergent Cleaner

    Detergent Cleaner Detergent cleaner. Removes stains without rinsing If you are considering making a moisture treatment in depth or want to get rid of those annoying spots of mold or mildew, Idroless Detergent Cleaner is the solution. This cleaning detergent containing no solvents and is suitable for use in poorly ventilated. Furthermore, as no clear […]

  • Paintcal

    Paintcal Prevents the humidity at home with Paintcal waterproofing paint Paintcal by Idroless is an environmentally friendly waterproofing paint as it is made on the basis of lime and vegetable gums. Thanks of being made with lime has disinfectant properties, fungicides and biocides. It is highly resistant to weather conditions without reducing its effectiveness or […]

  • All Terrain Waterproofing

    All Terrain Waterproofing All Terrain Waterproofing Paint by Idroless can be applied to any surface and can withstand the harshest conditions. The All Terrain Waterproofing Paint by Idroless is a sealant that can be applied even over wet materials. It resists to harsh weather conditions dramatically, does not lose its elasticity and sealing properties. What […]

  • Paint New Roof

    Paint New Roof Paint New Roof Waterproofing Paint for roofs, with biocidal and fungicidal effect. Get your roof like new with Paint New Roof waterproofing paint. It can be applied in any type of material: slate, tile, tile, asbestos cement, concrete, metal, … Paint New Roof must be applied with a low pressure sprayer, care […]

  • Sec Antisalt

    Sec Antisalt Sec Antisalt removes stains on the walls Capillary leave moistures salt remains in the pores of the walls that have been affected by problems of capillary rising. Therefore, from Idroless we recommend tha once treated and solved the problem of capillary with Creamsilan 80-600 also treat the wall. So you get control of […]

  • Nanohidrof 9 Solvent

    Nanohidrof 9 Solvent Colorless hydrophobic liquid for waterproofing the walls of any costruction. Hydrophobic liquid formed by solvent-based nanoparticles that penetrates deeper into the building materials The Nanohidrof-9 Solvent is a water repellet containing solvents and nano-particles mixed with polysiloxanes silanes. It has great power of penetration on the material (walls, facades, roof tiles, bricks, […]

  • Nanohidrof-9 W

    Nanohidrof-9 W Prevents leaks with Nanohidrof-9 W Idroless. Ecological repellent Nanohidrof W-9 does not contain solvents but have with fungicidal and biocidal properties Nanohidrof 9W by Idroless is a water repellent that contains no solvents and has a biocide and fungicide effect. Nanohidrof 9W contains nanoparticles that penetrate deep into the porous materials used in […]

  • Estucal

    Estucal: Lime based paint Estucal is an ecologic product based on lime and marble dust without chemical additives. Estucal is composed of natural products that not modify the properties of surfaces. Estucal allows total breathability of building materials.   Estucal: Features Estucal is very simple to apply and easy to polish before full drying. Once […]

  • Nanohidrof-Photocatalytic

    Water repellent Nano-photocatalytic Water Repellent with nano-photocatalytic properties for facades waterproofing The water repellent nano-photocatalytic is a formula based of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide. The nanoparticles penetrate deep into the facade surface protecting and waterproofing the surface from inside. Titanium dioxide reacts with sunlight, disintegrating dirt that adheres to surfaces. It is suitable for facades […]

  • Barrera Capilar para Suelos

    Barrera para Humedades Capilares en Suelos La Barrera Capilar es un producto bicomponente incoloro que se puede aplicar con brocha, rodillo o pistola airless. La Barrera Capilar para Suelos se puede usar con 3 fines diferentes: Imprimación para suelos de hormigón y mortero Impermeabilizante para bloquear la humedad que se pueda ascender a través del […]