Nanohidrof Floor

Water Repellent special for floors: Nanohidrof Floor

Nanohidrof Floor is a concentrated water repellent specially designed for treating horizontal surfaces like granite, mortar, concrete, stone…

Based on nanoparticles of silanes an polysiloxanes that penetrate deep into the pores of materias, protecting and waterproofing the interior of the treated surfaces. Thanks to its nanoparticles technology, the waterproofing becomes more effective and durable throughout the years.

Nanohidrof Floor don’t make bright effects, nor barnish layers, nor modify the color of the original surface.

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What Nanohidrof Floor is?

Nanohidrof Floor by Idroless is a waterproofing agent specially designed for floors. It consists of nanoparticles that make easier penetrate the product deeply into the pores of any type of construction material.

Its hydrophobic properties become more durable because Nanohidrof Floor nanoparticles penetrate deep and waterproof from the inside of the surface. Although a water repellent, maintains the transpiration of the materials allowing the steam out outwardly normal.

Nanohidrof Floor is a colorless water repellent that does not create color or brightness on the surface of the soil in which either cement, concrete, brick, applies …

Where Nanohidrof Floor can be applied?

The water repellent Nanohidrof Floor by Idroless is indicated to waterproof and protect soils and horizontal surfaces it can be applied on soils of different materials such as:

  • Cement
  • Mineral plaster
  • Natural stones
  • Wooden supports
  • Clay
  • Granite
  • Porous and absorbent materials

How to apply Nanohidrof Floor water repellent?

Before applying the water repellent Nanohidrof Floor you should check that the horizontal surface where it will be applied is thoroughly cleaned and dried.

You must protect the surfaces that will not be treated with Nanohidrof Floor who are near the area of application of Nanohidrof floor, such as glass, plastics, metals, …

Is recommended to apply the water repellent Nanoidrof Floor with a low pressure spray (airless). Take care that the repellent is distributed uniformly throughout the area.

For highest effectiveness and best results we recommend to make a test on a small area to calculate the amount of hydrophobic Nanohidrof Floor you need to get the desired results. The recommended dose is between 0.2 – 1.0 l / m2.