Prevent seepage water thanks to Idroless water repellents

What a water repellent is?

A water repellent is the one that prevents water penetrate the surface by creating an invisible layer of protection against water.

The water repellent or hydrophobic solutions by Idroless act penetrating the porous building materials. Once inside clog pores, microcracks and cracks (no more than 0.3mm) that exist in building materials such as stone, concrete, brick, tile, …

Idroless water repellents are breathable, this means, the surface once treated can expell water vapor out at any time without allowing any moisture. Another important feature of the repellents is that doesn’t transfer any brightness or colors to the surfaces treated. For example, in stone facades you will not see any change in the color or texture of the stone after completing treatment.

The waterproofing solutions by Idroless also have another characteristic that makes them different that is most of them have fungicidal properties. You can get rid of those pesky lasting form of black  or green spots that appear in areas where moisture is constant.