Get advantage of waterproofing paint.

Protect your home against moisture with Idroless range of waterproofing paint.

Waterproofing paints protect houses from humidity by leaks

Waterproofing paints protect houses from humidity by leaks

Sealing against water leakage

Moisture is a serious problem in so many buildings. Humidity it is a direct cause of cold feeling even when temperature is technically good. Also causes odors and may be the origin of stains on our walls. Even when this can sound extreme, humidity causes effects on our health and also on our family health. Moisture can aggravate existing respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies and help proliferate bacteria, fungi, mites…

Continuous contact also end up affecting our health.  Humidity is one of the worst enemies of our house. Poor waterproofing the house can create water leaks in the walls and walls that eventually impair silently housing structure. With something as simple as the waterproofing paint you can avoid many of the health problems your family as structural in the house.