Creamsilan 80-600

End forever the rising dap of any wall with Creamsilan 80-600 gel by Idroless

Creamsilan 80-600 gel is a product based on silanes. It is distributed in tubes / cartridges.

Each cartridge must be inserted into a closed plunger gun for gel that includes a cannula for the application of the product within the holes in an easy way. It can be used in brick, stone, pillars, cement,, mortar, etc

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What Creamsilan 80-600 gel is?

Creamsilan 80-600 gel by Idroless is an injectable gel product with a creamy consistency composed of silanes. It is distributed in bag shaped tubes (like big sausages).

Due to its visous nature, it is necessare to introduce the cartridges into a special applicator gun to prevent spillage of Creamsilan 80-600. You must need to add a cannula to the gun to introduce the product into the holes previously made to the affected wall.

Creamsilan 80-600 has been designed for ascending humidity. A damp is very easy to recognize, you only have to carefully look out at the bottom of the wall, next to the base or baseboards. You will see rises from the floor to the ceiling and a wet spot can be formed, or even bags and flaking paint.

It is also common to appear whitish spots on the wall. These spots are formed by minerals that ascending water brings.

How to apply Creamsilan80-600 gel

Creamsilan 80-600 is an injectable gel very easy to apply. Anyone can repar a damp following the directions listed below:

  • Identify the area to be trated and clean the wall. If the area is coated, you have to first remove the mortar up to the wall structure surface (brick, block, stone, etc…)
    The size of the surface cleaning is recommended to be twice the heigh affected by rising damp.
  • Make holes in the wall using a 12 mm drill in the mortar joints between the bricks or stones
    The hole CAN NOT cross the wall, leve at least a centimeter at the end.
    The holes must be made at about 15 cm. height from the floor and spaced aabout 15 cm.
  • Inject  Creamsilan 80-600 gel into the holes using a closer plunger gel aplicator and a cannula. Slowly apply the product inside the holes in the joints.
    The silanes gel must not protrude from the hole. It’s recommended that remains about 1 cm. inside the hole.
  • Seal the hole using Stopper Fast Curing by Idroless. Creamsilan 80-600 gel will expand through the wall pores, repeling water and attemping to rise through the wall.
  • Wait some days to re-surface the wall. As an orientative time, re-coating the surface must wait about 15 days to ensure the gel is properly distributed into the wall pores.

Once this time, we recommend Sec Antisalt mortar to coat the wall.

The moisture that has been simmering for years on the wall will remain in it and althrough there are no moisture problems, may leave stains. With de application of Sec Antisalt  we can definetely forget about the damp stains on the wall.

The capilary moisture problems are very simple to solve. Anyone can do it without major works.

Creamsilan 80-600 consumption table

Below you can see a table of orientative consumption for the application of the Creamsilan 80-600 gel.

You only need to know the length and thikness of the wall affected by capillary.

At the top you will find the wall length in meters, the second row is the number of holes per meter. The first column on the left specify the wall thickness in centimeters.

Consumption orientative table for Creamsilan 80-600, injectable silanes gel.

Consumption orientative table for Creamsilan 80-600, injectable silanes gel.

* Image not contractual. The product can be delivered in a different container.