Stopper Fast Curing

Top your humidity repairs with Idroless Stopper Fast Curing mortar

This Idroless fast-setting mortar is the ideal complement to top any wall treatment using Creamsilan 80-600.

Idroless Stopper Fast Curing mortar will prevent falls and overflow once the holes in the wall have been filled with Creamsilan 80-600. You’ll get a full coverage porosity of the materials of the wall.

Download Stopper Fast Curing Data Sheet

What Stopper Fast Curing is?

This is a quick-setting mortar with instant cure properties. It must be prepared at the time of use.

Just add a little of watter (22 ml) per 100 grams of mortar and mix with a spatula until blended. It is very easy and quick to prepare!

Idroless recommends you to prepare little doses because in a couple of minutes will be dry and you should not add water once hardened, since the product will lose its fast curing properties.

What is Idroless Fast Curing Mortar for?

The fast-setting mortar is recommended for capilary treatments in walls in which has been applied previously Creamsilan 80-600 by Idroless.

After aplication of Creamsilan 80-600 you should cover the hole where Creamsilan has been applied, with a quick-drying mortar, in order to facilitate the Creamsilan 80-600 gel extend completely through the interior of the wall and to avoid linking to outside of the hole.

From Idroless, we recommend the Idroless Fast Stopper Curing Mortar as the most appropiate one for this kind of works because of its high performance and properties to maximize the wall treatmentss with Creamsilan 80-600.

* Image not contractual. The product can be delivered in a different container.