All Terrain Waterproofing

All Terrain Waterproofing Paint by Idroless can be applied to any surface and can withstand the harshest conditions.

The All Terrain Waterproofing Paint by Idroless is a sealant that can be applied even over wet materials.

It resists to harsh weather conditions dramatically, does not lose its elasticity and sealing properties.

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What is All Terrain Waterproofing

The All Terrains Waterproofing Paint is one of the anti moisture Idroless most powerful paintings.

This waterproofing is very dense and needs to be applied with a spatula, trowel, roller or brush. It is a totally ecological waterproofing paint because its composition does not include solvents or polishes.

It attaches easily to any vertical or horizontal surface waterproofing them permanently even if the surface is wet or buried.

Once you ensure the surface is dry you can painte with any paint over the Idroless All Terrain Waterproofing Paint without any problem.

Where your can apply the waterproofing paint?

All Terrain Waterproofing Paint by Idroless is so tough, that can be applied on any surface even if is exposed to the harshest environmental conditions.

This waterproofing is so resistant that it can be applied on surfaces that are buried or that will be partially buried such as: pipes, foundations, walls, pipes, … always get the best waterproofing results.

It is also suitable for application in joints chimneys, joints and basement of the shower, passable by pedestrians, balconies, sheet, flower terraces… It supports continuous contact with water or even stagnation.

How to apply Idroless All Terrain Waterproofig Paint

All Terrain Waterproofing paint can be applied by roller, brush, spatula or trowel as it has a highly pasty consistency.

To apply you must first clean the dirt from the surface where you want to apply. Please make sure that the paint adheres completely preventing it from moisture.

With only one layer of waterproofing paint is enough to get good results, but if you feel you need a second layer, you should let dry about 5 or 6 hours before the new application.

Advantages of using All Terrain Painting Waterproofing

This Waterproofing Paint repairs in a easy way permanent water. It’s a very resistant waterproof paint.

This All Terrain Waterproofing Paint Idroless has only advantages for you and here we list a few:

  • It has elastic properties that are maintained despite atmospheric conditions. This will help to do not break when the surface gets longer or shorter by the action of cold and hot temperatures.
  • It is able to seal cracks up to 9 mm, other products would first have to repair the crack before applying them.
  • It can be painted over itself once it’s dry
  • It can be applied in different materials: on plastic, concrete, wood, brick, mortar, zinc, aluminum, pvc, …
  • It is not necessary that the surface is completely dry. It can be applied even when is wet.
  • Resists stagnant water over the painted surface.

The All Terrain Waterproofing Paint of Idroless is the solution to your problems of water seepage.

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