Cream 150

Cream 150 prevents water leaks through surfaces

Cream 150 is a water repellent product with a pasty consistency.

In the event of find moisture problems, apart from mold and mildew stains, Cream 150 by Idroless is the ideal product you need. Cream 150 is a powerful water repellent with antimoho y antiverdínl and fungicidal effects.

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What Cream 150 water repellent is?

Cream 150 is a water repellent specially indicated for construction materials that are no so porous. It is indicated for treatment of exterior surfaces.

Cream 150 is white and is presented with a pasty consistency. Cream 150 is composed by particles of silicates, alkaline and absorvent materials.

Besides being a product with hydrophobic properties, Cream 150 has fungicidal properties as it prevents the appearence of mold and mildew on surfaces where it is applied.

Although Cream 150 is a water repellent, it allows inside condensation to evacuate water vapor outside the house.

Where to apply Cream 150

Cream 150 must be applied always outdoors. In addition to its water repellent effect it helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew surfaces thanks to its strong antimoho y antiverdínl and fungicidal efect.

Cream 150 is indicated for water repellent material with low porosity or very compact materials such as natural stone, reinforced concrete, etc…

For application you need to use a brush or roller to apply only one layer of Cream 150. Before applying this water repellent, any dirt or dust must be removed with a brush to grip better the product. If you need to perform wet cleaning of the surface, we recommend to wait at least 2 days to dry completely before applying Cream 150.

Once applied, you will have to keep the surface sheltered from rain or water about 24 hours.

Benefits of using Cream 150

With a waterproof product like Idroless Cream 150 you will no longer have humidity problems by leaks from outside of the building.

150 Cream is one of the few repellents that apart from repel water has a powerful anti-mold and fungicide effect. With Cream 150 by Idroless you can also remove those awful and annoying mildew stains that often occur after long periods of contact between building materials and humidity.


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