Detergent Cleaner

Detergent cleaner. Removes stains without rinsing

If you are considering making a moisture treatment in depth or want to get rid of those annoying spots of mold or mildew, Idroless Detergent Cleaner is the solution.

This cleaning detergent containing no solvents and is suitable for use in poorly ventilated. Furthermore, as no clear need it will be much more convenient to use.

Forget killing the mildew stains in depth.

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What the Detergent Cleaner is?

Use detergent Cleaner Idroless when you go to do any work in your home before fixing any moisture or paint. It is always advisable to carry out a thorough cleaning of mold, mildew, dirt, …

It is not enough just to clean water and some commonly used disinfectant such as bleach or chlorine.

For a deep disinfection, we recommend Detergent Cleaner Idroless. This detergent can be applied on any surface, even painted walls. As it is not necessary to rinse it can be applied indoors.

How to apply the Detergent Cleaner

Detergent Cleaner Idroless is highly concentrated, you only need a small amount of cleaner mixed with water for a great result. Apply a part of product per each 3 parts of water you use.

The surface you want to clean with detergent cleaner Idroless should be dry and free of dust or grease.

Once checked the condition of the surface to be treated, apply the mixture of water and cleaning detergent with a hand sprayer or brush.

Let the mixture act for few minutes and then proceed to the cleaning of mold and mildew by wiping or with a brush.

For severe cases of mildew and staining it is necessary to reapply the product and rub many times as necessary to promote product penetration inside the surface.

Product deep absorption in the cleaning surface entails that even the slightest spore or root are removed.

After application the surface must be protected from rain for at least 8 hours for greater efficiency.

Benefits of using Detergent Cleaner by Idroless

Detergent Cleaner has clear advantages over other solutions, here you are some of them:

  • Fungicide ensures deep cleaning: Avoid being continuously cleaning the surfaces themselves stained with mold and mildew.ç
  • Very easy and convenient to apply: you can apply yourself without major works or call professionals.
  • It is environmentally friendly as it contains no solvents.
  • No need to rinse: as solvents has in its composition is much more comfortable than other cleaners because it needs to be rinsed,  avoid discoloration or odors on surfaces that have been cleaned, not like with other common cleaners.
  • It can be painted on the cleaned surface after 12 hours of the application of cleaner detergent.

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