Estucal: Lime based paint

Estucal is an ecologic product based on lime and marble dust without chemical additives.

Estucal is composed of natural products that not modify the properties of surfaces. Estucal allows total breathability of building materials.

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Estucal: Features

Estucal is very simple to apply and easy to polish before full drying. Once pulished, get a homogeneus bright appearance and a crystalline touch without waxes.

Estucal is a petrificable painting over the years and don’t become yellow.

Where Estucal can be applied?

Estucal is highly recommended for the restoration of buildings and decoration of all surfaces. Because of its great strengh, it can be applied both: indoors, outdoors and facades.

It is a great lime based product, particularly suitable for the restoration of old buildings such as palaces, stately homes, museums,…

How to apply Stucal?

  1. Before applying Estucal must verify the surface is clean of dust, broken pieces of materials, fats, etc,… as well, the surface should be smooth.
  2. Then aply a first hand of Estucal using a stainless steel trowel. About 12 hours later, apply a second coat of Estucal.
  3. 1 our after the application of the second hand, proceed to smooth the surface working the material until getting the desired efects. The more is pulished, the more gloss will be gotten.
  4. When Estucal is dry you can proceed to give a layer of water repellent if outdoor or wax if indoor.


* Image not contractual. The product can be delivered in a different container.