Nanohidrof 9 Solvent

Colorless hydrophobic liquid for waterproofing the walls of any costruction.

Hydrophobic liquid formed by solvent-based nanoparticles that penetrates deeper into the building materials

The Nanohidrof-9 Solvent is a water repellet containing solvents and nano-particles mixed with polysiloxanes silanes.
It has great power of penetration on the material (walls, facades, roof tiles, bricks, …) where is applied. So you can protect from inside water seepage plugging the pores of materials.

The Nanohidrof-9 Solvent of Idroless does not change the color of the surfaces that have been treated.

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Repellent Nanohidrof-9 Solvent

Nanohidrof-9 Solvent of Idroless is a colorless liquid product anti moisture that penetrates deep into any type of material as it is composed of tiny particles.
Its hydrophobic properties are highly durable thanks to the materials absorb in depth the Nanohidrof-9 Solvent product.

Does not brings color to any surface on which it is applied, either stone, brick, concrete, wood, …
But it is also a product that maintains the permeability of the materials getting despite acquire hydrophobic properties continue sweating outward smoothly.

Where to use Nanohidrof 9 Solvent

The water repellent Nanohidrof-9 Solvent by Idroless is composed by nanoparticles. It is indicated for anti moisture and protection, both exterior or interior surfaces treatments, such as: facades of buildings of stone or brick walls made of cement walls and natural stones, wooden walls supports...

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How to apply the hydrophobic Nanohidrof-9 Solvent

For the application of water repellent Nanohidrof-9 Solvent the surface should be cleaned thoroughly before treating it. It also should not be wet.
It is important to completely protect surfaces that are around and not be treated like glass, plastic, metal… since they can be sprinkled during application.

The Nanohidrof-9 Solvent water repellent can be applied in many ways, but from Idroless we suggest to apply the product with low pressure sprayer. Please take care the product is distributed evenly across the surface. Thanks to the sprayer will be much more convenient application.

For best results we recommend that you test a small area to calculate the amount of water repellent Nanohidrof Solvent-9 you need to get the desired results. The recommended dose is between 0.2 -1 l / m2.

* Image not contractual. The product can be delivered in a different container.