Nanohidrof-9 W

Prevents leaks with Nanohidrof-9 W Idroless. Ecological repellent

Nanohidrof W-9 does not contain solvents but have with fungicidal and antimoho y antiverdínl properties

Nanohidrof 9W by Idroless is a water repellent that contains no solvents and has a anti-mold and fungicide effect.

Nanohidrof 9W contains nanoparticles that penetrate deep into the porous materials used in the walls of the buildings (roofs, facades, stone walls, …).
Once inside the clogged pores prevent the water to pass through or installed inside causing constant moisture that usually carry the appearance of such unwanted mold and mildew stains.

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What is Nanohidrof-9 W

Nanohidrof-9 W is water repellent organic basis, not carrying solvents. It is used to treat all kinds of building materials.

Because of its composition this moisture Nanohidrof 9W provides no odors when applied and is less toxic.

The hydrophobic product, Nanohidrof 9W is the solution to the problems of moisture by filtration. Its microparticles penetrate much better than others in the pores of materials, where many other repellents are not able to work.

This feature helps the surfaces to be protected repelling water for longer against moisture problems.

Benefits of using Nanohidrof-9 W

Some of the main advantages of using the hydrophobic organic Nanohidrof -9  W include:

  • durability of treatment effect in materials, thanks to its ability to penetrate into the pores of the surfaces.
  • It does not change the color of the treated surfaces by keeping them in their natural state. No one will notice that the product is applied, only you will know.
  • Low toxicity since its base is formed with organic products
  • Non-flammable
  • Does not add smell
  • has a high resistance to UV rays, allowing maximum efficiency in both indoor and outdoor
  • Less harmful to the environment, as no solvent borne in composition .
  • It can be used in different materials and places as may be facades of stone, brick, cement, natural stone, timber, …
  • Can be applied on vertical or horizontal surfaces

How to apply Nanohidrof 9 W

Before applying the repellent Nanohidrof 9 W the surface to be treated must be free of dust and small surface’s pieces. For this it is recommended that a thorough cleaning with a brush or make a hydro-jet water with sand if small parts come off easily.

The material should not be wet before application of Nanohidrof-9 W as this would compromise the product and avoid proper penetration. Cracks wider than 0.3 mm must be treated or plugged before applying the product to prevent water from entering through the cracks of the material.

It is recommended to apply Nanohidrof 9 W low pressure spray taking care that the product is evenly distributed over the entire surface to a higher moisture effect.
Remember that the hydrophobic Nanohidrof-9 W is a product ecologically based, non-toxic and does not provide smells surfaces.

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