Paint New Roof

Paint New Roof Waterproofing Paint for roofs, with antimoho y antiverdínl and fungicidal effect.

Get your roof like new with Paint New Roof waterproofing paint. It can be applied in any type of material: slate, tile, tile, asbestos cement, concrete, metal, …

Paint New Roof must be applied with a low pressure sprayer, care must be taken that the application is uniform for a better result.

Paint New Roof has antimoho y antiverdínl effects that will make you forget about those pesky weeds and moss which always appears on the roofs and help penetrate the humidity.
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What is Paint New Roof

The Paint New Roof waterproofing paint is designed for sealing all kinds of roofs.

Your roof will be like new or even better as the Paint New Roof of Idroless have antimoho y antiverdínl effect to prevent born of pesky weeds or moss on the roofs.

It comes in liquid form with color. You can choose from our color chart the most closely resembles your needs: gray, brown leather, dark brown, clay, red…

How to apply the Paint New Roof

Because of its liquid consistency Paint New Roof is recommended to be applied by brush or roller, airless spray or conventional spray. You must ensure that is evenly distributed over the surface for greater waterproofing effect.

The roof must be free of dirt, grease and pieces of material to adhere better to the surface.

Paint New Roof is a waterproofing paint that can be used over several materials that can form the roof as tile, slate, asbestos cement, stone, concrete, metal, …

Benefits of using Paint New Roof waterproofing

Apart from Paint New Roof can be applied over almost any surface, Paint New Roof has many more advantages.

  • This waterproofing paint can be applied even if the surface is a little wet or cold without diminishing its effectiveness.
  • It is a self-cleaning paint, this means, dirt does not stick to it. Thanks to its antimoho y antiverdínl effect, mildew spores, seeds or herb roots will never remain in its surface preventing moisture return to your roof.
  • It has a very high level of resistance to the harshest weather conditions, both cold and heat.

Thanks to Paint New Roof you will have a new roof for years and only after one single application.

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