Prevents the humidity at home with Paintcal waterproofing paint

Paintcal by Idroless is an environmentally friendly waterproofing paint as it is made on the basis of lime and vegetable gums.

Thanks of being made with lime has disinfectant properties, fungicides and biocides.

It is highly resistant to weather conditions without reducing its effectiveness or changing color.

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Paintcal: Ecological waterproofing paint

Paintcal is a liquid white and pasty paint that when applied has a matte effect.

It is a totally ecological product because the composition of Paintcal natural glues and xanthan gum to help it to adhere better to any type of surface and waterproof it. In addition to these natural glues, different limes provide this waterproofing paint disinfectant properties and fungicides.

Paintcal is a waterproof paint that prevents fungi and spores that are installed in tipically in walls.


Where to use Paintcal

Being a 100% natural fungicidal properties and biocide Paintcal use is recommended for its hygienic functions in places where there is usually a lot of people. Paintcal does not allow spores, germs, fungi, bacteria, viruses, … deposited on the walls or proliferate on them.

So it is perfect to be used in hospitals, kindergartens, hotels, … where it is concentrated and flows a lot of people a day. Furthermore, If there are health problems at home like allergies or respiratory diseases you will look like their symptoms may decrease or eventually disappear.

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