Closed Plunger Gel Applicator – 600 ml

Avoid spills when applying Creamsilan 80-600 gel whit this closed plunger applicator

Creamsilan 80-600 is a fairly viscous gel silanes-based presented in tubular bags (like sausages).

In order to apply Creamsilan 80-600, a special gun is needed, to prevent product losses during application in the holes. By its nature, conventional silicone gun with open plunger can not be used to aply Creamsilan 80-600.

Download Closed Plunger Gel Applicator Data Sheet


Closed Plunger Gel Applicator

This applicator gun allows you to work easyly with viscous products like gel packed in bag format up to 600 ml, such as Creamsilan 80-600 by Idroless.

It is very easy to use. Simply unscrew the end of the gun and enter the bag with the gel you want to apply in the meta tube. Cut the top of the bag and close the gun tube by adding the specific cannula you need. Once ready, just pull the trigger slowly and start filling the holes.

This applicator gun by idroless is the perfect tool to help you enter the Creamsilan 80-600 gel into the holes made to the wall for repairing it from capillary moisture.

The metal tube has been reinforced to prevent product loss during the work carried out with the gun. This closed plunged applicator is able to retain very low density products.


* Image not contractual. The product can be delivered in a different container.