Sec Antisalt

Sec Antisalt removes stains on the walls

Capillary leave moistures salt remains in the pores of the walls that have been affected by problems of capillary rising.

Therefore, from Idroless we recommend tha once treated and solved the problem of capillary with Creamsilan 80-600 also treat the wall. So you get control of the remaining salts in the pores, avoiding that they go outside of the wall, and ruining again the paint.

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What Sec Antisalt is?

Sec Antisalt by Idroless is a powder that must be mixed with water until you get a paste. Apply a couple of layers with a brush in the affected wall once ready.

We strongly recommend the Antisalt solution at any wall repaired because of problems with rising damp. Sec Antisalt prevents the salt remaining inside of the walls after a moisture problem, to rise to the surface causing new damages to the wall, the coating mortar and paint.

When is advisable to use  Sec Antisalt?

We allways recommend use Sec Antisalt by Idroless during repairs of walls that have been damp. Sec Antisalt helps to stop al the salts into the wall after years of humidity does not go outside, causin new white spots on the wall and painting.

Sec Antisalt by Idroless is very easy to use, like a common paint.

¿How much Sec Antisalt is needed?

You will need about 4-5 kg of Sec Antisalt dry powder per square meter. This performance has been already calculated considering painting a couple of generous layers with a brush.

Forget forever chipping and white stains on your walls!!

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