Idroless: professional solutions against humidity in building and housing

Idroless Italian Technology

Idroless is a company specialized in anti humidity solutions for all types of construction and housing: rising damp, condensation and filtration. We know that moisture problems cause major disruptions and problems. These problems not only affect the structure of buildings but also the health of people living in damp environments daily.

It is therefore important for Idroless to create products as effective as possible in order to eliminate forever the moisture of our clients’ life. Our manufacturing processes and product research about anti-moisture solutions are the most demanding in the market. Many of our products have been tested throughout Europe in the harshest environmental conditions always get the best results.

That’s why Idroless products are anti-moisture leader in several European markets. In Idroless, we make a constant investment in R & D so that our products are always at the forefront of the sector and Iroless brand and continue providing security, reliability and efficiency in anti-moisture solutions to professionals and individuals.

Our primary goal is to put always the end customer first. We want to find the ultimate solution to all constant moisture problems, allowing our end-customers to enjoy the time they spend at home with their families without worrying about anything else.

If you need a team of technical experts, we will advise you at all times on products and forms of action against moisture.