idroless sustainable anti-moisture Products

In a cosntant effort and investment on R&D, Idroless offers the best range of anti-moisture products and solutions in the market.

Idroless wants to help create a comfort area in every home where everyone can spend time with family in healthy conditions. The constant humidity in a house may cause structural problems for water seepage on the walls and ceilings. But most important are the health problems that this can cause. It is proven that wet environments are related to increased illness and aggravate allergies, due to the appearance of mold and mildew that attract mites.

In the continuous search for new solutions and more effective products against moisture in Idroless, we don’t forget the environment. Ecology and sustainability are one of the pillars on which we base our R & D policy. We care about how can we prevent and eliminate moisture problems without causing damage to nature and not change the environmental characteristics or properties of the materials.

Most of our products do not contain solvents and are made with water base. In this way, we reduce the environmental impact, both during manufacturing and application time of our anti-moisture products.

We trust that manufacturing environmental friendly and sustainable products is entirely possible. Idroless, as a company, is committed to protecting the environment